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As long as I can remember I have loved letters, words, writing and language. On my 10th birthday I got a red typewriter, which I had wished for a long time. I asked my parents if I could use our garage for my writing bureau  and I got a white wooden sign on which I wrote S K R I V B Y R Å in blue letters. The purpose was to transcribe and type from notes if people needed it and my first and only customer was my dad who sang together with his brothers and sisters and I typed their song texts. But I also produced newspapers: four numbers of CATZY and 3 numbers of KUB = kristna ungdomsBladet (christian paper for youths).

My dreams was dropped after studying languages after ground school and then at the university communication studies (informatör) in order to be able to do what I love: write. Unfortunately the job market didn’t look good at that time so I soon gave up hope of working with writing and I got job at Human Resources and slipped into salary payroll administration. In between studied (went to Germany two times) worked with payroll 17-18 years, which has been good/bright soptsbut now I am done with it and I wish to return to the dreams of my childhood.

I do translations and transkriptions from German and English to Swedish, företrädesvis Economics, Law, Human Resources/Pay Roll, Marketing, Biblical texts, System/Program information or fiction.
My catchword is personal service and customer satisfaction.

I also do illustrations.

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